Behind the Camera

Snap! Another picture is taken and another. As I covered the Uganda Team this year, I was reminded how much every picture matters. Each photo tells a story. In Uganda, there were many stories, and I had the privilege to capture some of those storybook moments. Here are a few of the moments that really … More Behind the Camera

Day Five – God Cares Schools, Bbira, & Leadership Conference

The team split off in the morning to attend both God Cares Primary School and High School. Faith, Traci, Susan, Michele, Colin, and Megan went to the Primary School for chapel. Megan spoke to the P7 students for chapel, she talked from 1 Corinthians 12 about one body many parts. She inspired everyone at each … More Day Five – God Cares Schools, Bbira, & Leadership Conference

Day Three – Bukasa

Today the entire team went to a suburb of Kampala known as Bukasa. In the middle of Bukasa, God’s shining light is beaming from a small church and school. Despite their circumstances, in everything Jesus is the answer. We were greeted with open arms as the children from the Ever Increasing Miracle Church rushed out … More Day Three – Bukasa