Thursday 16th-17th

Team leaves LAX for Dubai (overnight in Dubai)

Saturday 18th

Team arrives in Uganda at Entebbe

Sunday 19th    

Michele to speak for both morning services at Kabalagala Pentecostal Church (KPC). Part of team at God Cares Primary Chapel. Kyle Megan and Daniel minister at High School. 

Monday 20th  

Michele Susan Faith to Kangulumira-Jinja with Florence for women’s conference and Bible distribution etc.Team at Primary School to serve lunch

Tuesday 21st  

Team to go to Bukasa – Craft and games with the children. Distribution of eye glasses. Jinja team returns. Evening Team dinner with different Pastors

Wednesday 22nd

Kawempe for a door to door ministry at 11am. Children’s outreach in afternoon (like a Vacation Bible School with crafts and messages) 5:30-6:30pm Michele to speak for a conference at the Kawempe church – for both men and women. Bible distribution and glasses. 

Thursday 23rd

Team to High School Kyle to speak to students. Michele and others visit Bira for glasses and Bible distribution. Evening Michele to give Leadership Conference at KPC for men and women

Friday 24th    

Calvary team to Namungo village – Michele speak to women. Vacation Bible School with Namungo children. Bible, clothes and glasses distribution. Friday team final dinner

Saturday 25th

Souvenir shopping in the morning then 5 members of team leave from Entebbe in afternoon (they go through Dubai and arrive at LAX on 26th)

Sunday 26th

KPC Michele to preach for both services

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