Behind the Camera

Late Night Blogging! Snap! Another picture is taken and another. As I covered the Uganda Team this year, I was reminded how much every picture matters. Each photo tells a story. In Uganda, there were many stories, and I had the privilege to capture some of those storybook moments. Here are a few of the moments that really impacted me on this trip as we looked to live and love like Jesus.

Our first day in Uganda both Megan, Kyle, and I had the opportunity to speak at the Sunday Service at God Cares High School. For me, I haven’t really preached the bible before especially in a big crowd of high schooler’s. All three of us coordinated our messages together. I opened and talked about “What is Faith?” and how we need to be people to lean into our faith instead of sitting back and watching from the sidelines. Their Sunday service was so powerful for me, emotionally and spiritually. The students worshiping was probably the most incredible thing I witnessed which had drawn me to tears to see how meaningful their worship was. I will never forget that Sunday service the rest of my life.

My one day at God Cares Primary School was filled with joy and laughter. As I opened the van door I was bombarded by all the children with hugs. It was a joy to capture some of the moments as the children danced with Kyle and hugged Megan. We served lunch that day and we thought it was only going to take like 15 minutes, but it turned out it was almost an hour. Colin was exhausted by the end and we all needed a nap. The students were so grateful that we helped out and it was a pleasure to see all the smiles from the children.

Seeing Pastor Dongo back home was probably the most warming thing to see. His smile was shining so bright you could become blind just looking at him. After some many months in the United States getting treatments for cancer, the lord answered in so many ways and he was able to go home to see his wife and family. To Pastor Dongo lead worship was just a radiating moment for everyone in the church especially our team. It was great to share some stories with him and of course some laughs!

There are many more highlights and stories from the trip, but those are the ones that hit me most. I loved every part of this trip and I cannot wait to go to go back to Africa. It was truly amazing to see how fired up the the people were for Jesus. Despite the some of the circumstances, Jesus is everything. This was a great experience and it was an honor to capture some amazing moments behind the camera, and then being able to listen, reflect, and write everyone’s experience was a humbling opportunity. Even though I am saddened that I wasn’t able to stay longer, our team was able to dig some ditches that will last a long time and God will send the rain to fill those ditches in. Can’t wait to go back and see everyone, especially Pastor Dongo and Florence, they are the definition of true missionaries as they seek to live and love like Jesus to the people of Uganda.

2 thoughts on “Behind the Camera

  1. I am so impressed with your teams commitment to helping these wonder people from Uganda It is amazing how God works. God Bless you all. Jim Lacey

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