Day Five – God Cares Schools, Bbira, & Leadership Conference

The team split off in the morning to attend both God Cares Primary School and High School. Faith, Traci, Susan, Michele, Colin, and Megan went to the Primary School for chapel. Megan spoke to the P7 students for chapel, she talked from 1 Corinthians 12 about one body many parts. She inspired everyone at each person important to the body of Christ. Susan, talked about Adam and Eve with some children. Traci and Faith talked about how God knows each of their names and that God is their father. Michele, talked about being having a smile even with the storms in life.

At the High School, Kyle and Daniel led chapel today. Kyle spoke from 2 Peter 1-11, that we have everything we need in Christ and that God has a purpose and meaning for every ones life. After his talk, Daniel closed out chapel. He spoke from Matthew 5:14-16 which is about being the light of the world. He challenged the students to keep leaning forward into faith and always remember that you are a light and no one can blow it out because you are lit and sent out by the power of God. Pastor Dongo was in attendance and loved the words Kyle and Daniel shared with the High School Students. After both Chapels, the entire team met up at God Cares High School to have lunch and meet with Pastor Dongo and Florence. We shared many laughs together as Florence went above and beyond with her amazing cooking. We all traveled then down the road to a church in the small village of Bbira.

In Bbira, we visited a church named “Prayer and Worship Ministries – Nakabugo.” Our team was introduced to this church through Florence Dongo. Before our trip, we learned that this church may be shut down, but through prayer, God came through for this growing church. We thank the contributor who is a friend to one of our team members for keeping the doors of this church open to the people of Bbira. At this church, we worshiped with them, passed out eye glasses and bibles to the congregation. Michele gave a provoking message about even when Jesus delays, his love for us is never a question. She used the story of Lazarus in the John chapter 11 to show that there is hope you just need to believe in Jesus.

After our time in Bbira, we went to KPC (Pastor Dongo’s church) and Michele spoke again to the congregation, but this time it was on Leadership. She used the last supper to show that Christ gave us three examples of Leadership. The first was Judas who betrayed him, he is the self serving leader. Peter was the self sufficient leader. The third type of leadership is Jesus. He is the ultimate leader who is a servant leader. Michele challenged the crowd to be a person who serves instead of being served. Above all, we need to be people who are servant leaders of Christ.

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