Day Four – Kawempe

The entire team went out to a village known as Kawempe. We started the day off at Exodus Primary School. Kyle, Traci, and Colin shared a message of who God is and how much he loves each and everyone of us. Then Megan took out her Ukulele which has been a hit everywhere we go. We shared some songs with the students and they also sang a tune for us as well. We also went out to the community to share the word of Jesus within the village of Kawempe.

After we arrived back at Bethel Discipleship Church, we were greeted by the children with some worship tunes and scripture rhythms. Traci led the Witness Bracelet craft which was the same craft we did at Bukasa yesterday. The team introduced a new craft which each child made their own cross which they could personalize. The children were over joyed by the crosses that they wanted us to tie it on their wrists.

During the mid-afternoon, Michele was invited to speak to the adults of Bethel Church. She spoke on the faithfulness of God and linked the story of Abraham and Isaac in Genesis 22 to what we see in the Gospels during Christ’s trial when Barabbas was set free. The innocent died so that the guilty might live. The truth is each of us can say: “I am Barabbas.” The people at the church shared their thoughts about the message and how encouraged they were to go and share this good news with their friends and neighbors. It was also especially touching, when the Kawempe women’s group all knelt in traditional style to thank us for previously sending sewing machines to help them learn usable skills.

After Michele’s teaching, the entire team helped distribute eye glasses, bibles, dresses, and shorts to the Bethel Church community. Thank You to the Calvary Blanket ministry for making the clothes for the children of Kawempe. Today was a long day for the team, the lord kept our bodies moving from one thing to the next. It was an incredible time for some the team to reconnect with some of the people they met last year in Kawempe. Thank You to Pastor Joesph and his wife Prossey for leading this wonderful church in the village of Kawempe.

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