Day Three – Bukasa

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Today the entire team went to a suburb of Kampala known as Bukasa. In the middle of Bukasa, God’s shining light is beaming from a small church and school. Despite their circumstances, in everything Jesus is the answer. We were greeted with open arms as the children from the Ever Increasing Miracle Church rushed out to the van to give us all hugs.

We met with the head of the school, Spe, she gave us a tour and explained how the school worked. Then the students joined all of us in their main meeting hall. Every grade got up sang songs, and danced. We heard some  familiar songs like “this little light of mine” and “Jesus is my #1”.

Then Traci and some of our team took the stage and she explained the Witness bracelet to the children. Each color represented a different stage of the Christian walk in faith. After the explanation, the team scattered to help out the children as they were making the bracelets. The children loved the bracelets.

Later on in the day, Pastor George, Michele, and Colin presented and passed out bibles to people of the church. Some people were jumping up and down and others were kneeling as they got their bible. Then the Team were fitting and sizing eye glasses for people who needed them.

Today was probably one of the most powerful and emotional days for the entire team. It was amazing to see how these children were so fired up for the lord. We continue, to be reminded of how good our God is and how great his love is for everyone.

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