Day Two – Jinji & God Cares Primary School

It is already Day Two and we have seen God work in so many ways already. Today, the team split off: Susan, Faith, and Michele went to Kangulumira, Jinji and the rest of the team went to God Cares Primary School.

At God Cares School, we were all welcomed with a swarm of children at each door of the van. They were so eager to see us and get to know who we are. Traci and Colin got to reconnect with some children they met the day before. For Kyle, Megan, and Daniel, it was their first time at the Primary School. Everyone was welcomed with open arms and smiles that can blind you because their teeth shined so much. One of the main purposes being at God Cares today was serving lunch to 800 plus children. During the later afternoon, Traci led an exercise with the children on how God accepts who you are, the students got to draw a portrait of themselves. Both Kyle and Megan got to meet the children they sponsor today for the first time. What a powerful and God filled moment for everyone.

Susan, Michele, and Faith ministered to a women’s group in Kangulumira, Jinji. They met with a wonderful group of women, many of whom are HIV positive who are ministered and helped by Florence Dongo’s sister Irene. Michele’s first message was on the women caught in adultery and how Jesus did not condemn her, but set her free to sin no more. After lunch, the second message focused on the moment when Jesus told the disciples to cross the Sea of Galilee and how we can be fully in the will of God and still experience storms in life. We need not fear when he is in our boat. Then bibles were distributed, 65 bibles were given out and orders were taken for 30 more. Following which Susan and Faith distributed reading glasses to women who needed them. In the coming weeks, Irene will size and fit dresses and shorts made by the Calvary Blanket ministry to the children who weren’t there.

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