Day One – God Cares School Primary & High School, and KPC

Team Photo Day One

We got off the ground running this morning as a team.

Megan, Kyle, and Daniel went to God Cares High School to preach at their Sunday Morning Service. Daniel started it off with some laughs and asked, “What is Faith?” using Hebrews 11.Then Megan spoke from Exodus 32 about the Golden Calf and how we need to trust and have faith in God. Kyle closed the sermon for the service with the transfiguration in Matthew 17. He pointed out even though you may assume things for yourself, they may not be God’s plan, but Jesus reminds us to “get up and don’t be afraid.” So the students at the high school were challenged to step out in their faith by leaning forward instead of sitting back and waiting.

While the three of them were at the High School, Faith, Traci, Susan, and Colin went to God Cares Primary School. They were apart of their morning services with Worship which is so indescribable of how much passion these kids have for Jesus. Traci, and Faith lead the crafts today for the kids. They had them make bracelets with different beads. Each bead stood for a significant thing God did whether it was the moment when God created the earth or sent his only son Jesus to walk with us. Traci also got the opportunity to finally meet the child her family sponsors. What an amazing moment for the both of them.

At Pastor Dongo’s church, Kabalagala Pentecostal Church, Michele was the guest speaker for both of their Sunday morning services. At the 11am service, the entire team met at the church to Worship together. Michele spoke from God’s word in 2 Samuel 9:1-11. The main point was that God invites everyone to sit at his table next to his son. Her bottom line was that regardless of your life circumstances, physical or mental disability, God accepts us just as we are.

We all got to greet Pastor Dongo, he is very healthy, but still recovering from the surgeries and treatments. He praises God for his outcome of his health. He thanks everyone at Calvary who were there for him as he went through his treatments in the United States.

We ended our day at Cafe Java, another hot spot for great food.

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